Why i sold my nintendo switch to buy nintendo stock

At the start of lockdown, I bought a Nintendo Switch to stem what I thought would be a few months of complete boredom - potentially confined to my house/room.

Lockdown came and I played on the Switch a bit. I spent the majority of my time, however, starting up The Money University: creating content, writing an e-book and learning about various social media channels. It's all been new to me.

For those of you reading this, you'll know everything I've written about revolves around financial literacy and having a healthy relationship with money.

As I devoted more and more time to The Money University, the Nintendo Switch sat there, gathering dust.

It began to annoy me!

Buying it had been a complete waste of money, and although I did enjoy the time I spent playing it, that felt like a bit of a waste too.

I'd rushed into a purchase it turned out I didn't even want - the exact opposite of everything I preach on the blog, Instagram account and on Twitter.

Meanwhile, I'd been creating something which has slowly been growing in value and meaning to me. I've learnt a lot, met some interesting people, and even made some money off this new project. The Nintendo Switch served as a reminder of all the "quick-fix" consumerist choices we make.

So, I took it to a shop and cashed it in.

I took the cash to the bank and deposited it.

It arrived in 2 seconds.

I transferred the value to my investing account.

And I invested the money in Nintendo!

Now I have it there to remind me of this period and the two paths we have available to us whenever we have money in our pocket.

One path is for consumers, the other is for creators and investors. I've made my pick!

I had £4 leftover, so I went and spent that on a sausage and bacon bap. No more spending money on things I don't truly enjoy!

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